Long Inlet Three Day Tour

Come join us for a two night camping trip exploring the rich & protected waters of Skidegate Inlet by kayak. These seaworthy craft will allow us to quietly float through the nooks and crannies of the surrounding islands watching as nature courses through this rich and lush environment. This body of water is home to many of the animals that inhabit the Queen Charlotte Islands. You will have excellent chances to encounter bald eagles, harbour seals, Sitka deer, oyster catchers, pigeon guillemots, harlequins, Pacific loons, and a rich and diverse intertidal environment. Other animals that inhabit the area but aren’t seen as commonly are harbour porpoise, killer whales, river otter, mink and black bear, on these travels. Traveling with one of our caring and knowledgeable guides will help open your eyes to the world around you. Our guides are highly trained and experienced in wilderness travel, natural & cultural history, gourmet meals, wilderness first aid and the art of having fun!

  1. First Day: Departing from Queen Charlotte, our group will travel in the direction of the wind, weather & tides suggest across Bearskin Bay to meet the shores of Lina Island. From Lina Island we will island-hop our way across Kagan Bay where you will find the bird life plentiful and the resident harbour seals and porpoises are always good for a laugh or two! As we work our way towards Long Inlet, the time will come to settle in for the night on the shores of one of our favourite campsites. Onshore the exploring has just begun as we set up our tents, indulge in a wholesome meal, tell a few stories, and take in the raw beauty of the surrounding landscape.
  2. Second Day: After breaking camp, we’ll get back into our kayaks for a day of exploring Long Inlet and Kagan Bay. This area has an abundance of wildlife and seabirds, which inhabit the surrounding islands and shorelines. We’ll end the day by spending the night on Burnt Island, an old Haida fort.
  3. Last Day: Today our travels will lead us to the ancient Haida village of Haina on Maude Island. This village has long been abandoned and little remains of the once proud village. Your guides will lead you on an interpretive tour of the village site to point out remaining artifacts and will try to give you some insight into the life of the Haida culture, past and present. After our village stop and lunch, it will be time to make our way home back to Queen Charlotte for a late afternoon arrival.

Departure Dates: As booked.
Minimum 4, Maximum 10
Price: $550 per person

INCLUDES: Kayaks (single or double Necky kayaks) and associated equipment and safety gear (see attached equipment list), camping equipment, all meals, guides and instruction.
DOES NOT INCLUDE: Accommodation and transport before and after kayak tour. We can make these arrangements for you. Personal gear; see attached equipment lists.

GENERAL INFORMATION: This tour is in an area of some exposed water and subject to the vagaries of the weather, tide and abilities of the group and as such an exact itinerary is not possible. Our guides are trained in instruction and safety procedures and welcome novice paddlers to the tour. Our guides are expert at interpreting the many aspects of the cultural and natural history of the Islands.

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