Path of The West Coast Haida


  1. First Day: Paddle from Queen Charlotte City through the scenic channels and islands of Skidegate Inlet and out through the challenging Skidegate Narrows. Depending on the tides we camp before, in, or through the Narrows in one of many scenic campsites.
  2. Second day: Waiting for the tide for Chaatl Narrows, we walk the ancient rainforest floodplain of Government Creek; huge Sitka spruce, cedar and cypress and in season salmon spawning in the stream. Then we travel through the Narrows and down the channel to the edge of the open Pacific to our campsite near the village site of Nesi.
  3. Third Day: Visit ancient Chaatl village, perched between mountain and sea; its longhouse and totem remains bring the human element to this rugged environment. You feel immense respect for the people who could survive here and also envy that they lived in such spectacular surroundings. If the weather is pacific and all willing, we circumnavigate Chaatl Is for a taste of the exposure of the open sea; puffins, sea mammals, spectacular cliffs, wind sculpted trees and much, much more.
  4. Fourth Day: Hike to the open alpine; ‘bonsai’ bogs, fascinating plants, mosses and lichens, many species unique to the QC Islands. We begin our return journey to catch to tide in Skidegate Narrows.
  5. Last Day: our return with more explorations of the many and diverse elements of wilderness that is Haida Gwaii.

Departure Dates: As booked.
Minimum 8, Maximum 10
Price: $1000 per person

INCLUDES: Kayaks (single or double Necky kayaks) and associated equipment and safety gear (see attached equipment list), camping equipment, all meals, guides and instruction.
DOES NOT INCLUDE: Accommodation and transport before and after kayak tour. We can make these arrangements for you. Personal gear; see attached equipment lists.

GENERAL INFORMATION: This tour is in an area of some exposed water and subject to the vagaries of the weather, tide and abilities of the group and as such an exact itinerary is not possible. Our guides are trained in instruction and safety procedures and welcome novice paddlers to the tour. Our guides are expert at interpreting the many aspects of the cultural and natural history of the Islands.

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